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The water ponds of the Alhambra

patio de las fuentes en La Alhambra

The Alhambra is alive, almost 10 centuries after its foundation due to the excellence of the hydraulic system that its first inhabitants built. The Sultan’s Canal carried then, and does it also now, water from the Darro River to the Generalife, and from there, by an aqueduct to the Alhambra city and palaces.

Afternoon in Seville: walking round Santa Cruz Quarter

a tree in a room

The touristic appeal of Seville is undeniable, and the range of activities, trips and things to do is huge… but the best things are usually unprepared. That’s why today we propose you to walk around one of the most beautiful areas in Seville city center, the old Santa Cruz Quarter. a view of a city street in front of a building

The Tower of the Captive in the Alhambra

a large white building

The Tower of the Captive one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in the whole monumental complex of the Alhambra. It was built at the end of the thirteenth century, but it was at the time of Yusuf I, when it was renewed, and adecuated to be a house, in the first half of fourteenth…

Medina Sidonia and its wild cattles


Medina Sidonia is 3,000 years old, has been awarded the Andalusian Town Beautification Award, and declared Historical and Cultural Interest Property (Bien de Interés Cultura -BIC-) in 2001. A visit to Medina Sidonia is a walk through History, discovering and learning among its streets, relics and traces of different civilizations, being part of the memory and…

Some ideas to visit Seville with children

a close up of a rollercoaster

Some ideas to visit Seville with children The variety for tourists and the wealth of culture, monuments and cuisine provided by the province of Seville will enable you to enjoy interesting experiences with all the family that will become unforgettable memories for all. Adults and children can learn together about our past by taking a cultural tour in the city center…

Walking around spectacular Ronda

Puente Viejo en Ronda

With its cliff-top location and mountainous surroundings, Ronda‘s most striking feature is without a doubt its geographic position. Add to that three bridges spanning over a ravine as well as historic houses hanging at the edge of a cliff and you have all the ingredients for a gem of a travel destination. Since most visitors venture to…

Cordoba, the city with many faiths

arcos de estilo árabe

The history of the Spanish city of Cordoba includes a period as an Islamic capital and later as the seat of the Spanish Inquisition, which brought persecution of Muslims and Jews, leaving it with a tangled legacy as reported on this BBC report, written by David Edmonds. The security guards in the cathedral are everywhere….

Cordoba honours its “patios” with a sculpture

Patios de flores en Córdoba

A woman watering potted plants with a cane, symbolizing the present of the Cordoba Patios party, is the first of a complex of sculptures which will tribute this typical Cordovan tradition. An old man and a child as the past and the future of the patios will accompany the lady soon. ...

Cadiz Carnival

a large stone building with many windows

The Carnival of Cadiz is on. Last weekend a circle was opened, which will be closed in mid-March. Tonight is the starting signal, with the beginning of the Official Competition of Groups, where some of the wittiest authors of Cadiz, will sing-song about hot news, society or politics, with acerbic criticism, the droll plays on words, stinging sarcasm,…