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Classic Seville

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Discover the most emblematic monuments of Seville

On this guided tour through the center of the capital of Seville, you discover the most emblematic monuments of the city, known to most people as the architectural and artistic symbols of Seville.

To begin, we depart by bus to the 20th century’s urban jewel of Seville, the Plaza of Spain, and continue to the Port of America and the Torre del Oro. Next, we arrive at the old Jewish quarter of Seville and the Barrio de Santa Cruz, a historic neighborhood made up of narrow streets that we evoke the romance of the past as we walk by their little courtyards and houses full of flowers.

From there, we go to the Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede of Seville, which holds the title of being the world’s largest cathedral built in the Gothic style. We also have the opportunity to climb to the top of the undisputed symbol of the city, the Giralda, where, from nearly 100 meters high, you can enjoy unique breathtaking views.