“Nights in the Alcazar Gardens”, joining history and music

  • “Nights in the Alcazar Gardens”, joining history and music

“Noches en los Jardines del Real Alcázar” (Nights in the Royal Palaces Gardens) is a popular concert series covering 75 concerts over 75 nights,  held every summer in the lush gardens of these Patrimony of Humanity palaces in Seville. The program covers many musical genres from the city’s eponymous Flamenco to Baroque, classical, world music and jazz. The concerts, starring more than 40 music ensembles, started on 19th of June and will end on 9th September.

The setting is enchanting, and is a chance to visit the stunning gardens while basquing in the melee of exotic aromas such as jasmine and and lady of the night, all again at a very reasonable price of 5 euros.

Some of the artist performing this third week of concerts, beginning yesterday are Celliberia Quartet, formed by musicians from the Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville, who presents a tribute to the bicentennial of Verdi and Wagner, accompanied by music from four operas located in Seville. This week will perform also the Israeli singer Mor Karbasi, who has captivated international audiences with his wonderful voice, a Sephardi singing diva. She will delight the audience with a program of traditional Moroccan Sephardic melodies, adorned with her own plays which will leave an unforgettable taste of Andalusi Arabic world.

Tickets can be purchased at the price of 5 euros, one euro above last year the price at the box of the Apeadero in the Real Alcázar (Patio de Banderas), between 10-13 hours and from 19 to 20:30, Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 10-12 hours. Also be purchased online at the price of 6 euros per location.

The Gardens at the Royal Palaces
At the confluence of Tagarete and Guadalquivir rivers in Seville, these gardens were born in what was called “Meadow Silver”, planted and embellished over the centuries, dynasty after dynasty, accumulating tastes, techniques and styles from the different cultures who built the Reales Alcazares (Royal Palaces). The vegetable gardens grown to feed its inhabitants turned into ornamental gardens to feed also their spirits as a space for recreation and enjoyment of nature and, why not, of music.

During the summer, when the omnipresent light gives way to night, the Alcazar gardens invite you to delve into these magnificent gardens, discovering the ways that history has drawn on its soil and the music which has made the experiences of this city. The Real Alcazar, a privileged witness of Sevillian history, today speaks the universal language of music from an old legacy of more than ten centuries, and encourages everyone to keep our heritage alive for future generations.

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