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City Tour Tangier

Quick Details

Adult 12+ years old
Child 3 to 11 years old
Baby 0 to 2 years old

Discover Tangier on a day trip from Seville

Discover Tangier, the most enchanting and cosmopolitan city in Morocco, on a one-day trip. Get to know its rich culture and history thanks to its special location between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, all in the hands of our local guide.

Appreciate the feeling of traveling into the past as you walk down the narrow streets of the old Medina. Enjoy delicious Moroccan food. Take a break for shopping or have a coffee or a traditional afternoon tea in one of his famous terraces, admiring the scenery of this fascinating city.

We depart from Seville early in the morning on a ferry to the African continent. Marvel at the fabulous view of the Bay of Tangier and the Straits of Gibraltar. Discover the charming culture and historical heritage of Morocco and Tangier. This city simultaneously shows a cosmopolitan flavor and a traditional way of life.

The guide takes you to the most important monuments and the most pleasant places in the city. Discover the best monuments, stroll through narrow streets, visit the picturesque Socco, enjoy a delicious lunch of traditional Moroccan cuisine and explore the charming shops. Tangier is sure to captivate you with its beauty and charm as it did with the great artists Matisse and Bowles.