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Aracena will host a 10-days Iberian Ham Fair

Cortador de jamón profesional

The fact that Huelva ham deserves a monument is no secret for anyone. In Aracena, where there is an entire museum dedicated to this Spanish delicatessen, they have it quite clear and have not just made the Day of Ham, but a 10-day Fair of the Ham, to entertain the palates of its guests with a taste of heaven, obviously from Huelva.

The regional Iberian Ham Fair, Feria de Jamon Ibérico, started Saturday 18th October and runs through the rest of this week in Aracena. With an extensive program of activities such as cutting contests, tasting pork products and raffles.

Come along and join in the fun, and make the most of the beautiful summer-like weather!

Feria Jamón Cartel


Aracena, the largest town in the Parque Natural Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, is dominated by a hilltop ruined castle and church. Its population has grown rapidly in recent years, but it has managed to retain a dignified elegance about its streets.

The Portuguese drove the Moors out of Aracena in 1251 before handing over the town to the Castilians in 1267. The Knights Templar controlled the town until 1312 when the Order was dissolved. In the early 20th century Aracena was favored as a holiday resort by employees of the Río Tinto mining company, who built the houses in Aracenilla, an area of town past the piscina (swimming pool) on the Alájar road.

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