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Cordoba honours its “patios” with a sculpture

Patios de flores en Córdoba

A woman watering potted plants with a cane, symbolizing the present of the Cordoba Patios party, is the first of a complex of sculptures which will tribute this typical Cordovan tradition. An old man and a child as the past and the future of the patios will accompany the lady soon.

Escultura Patios y su artista en Córdoba

The festivity of the Patios of Cordoba (Cordoba’s Courtyards) already has its tribute, made by the local artist artist José Manuel Belmonte. It has been installed on the Puerta del Rincón the first of three sculptures that will form the sculpture together in the future, to pay tribute to this Cordoba tradition. The first of three planned sculptures is a caregiver of patios made of bronze, which is watering the pots with a cane and a tin.

a close up of a flower

Belmonte himself has said that the whole sculptures is not over. Although have not said yet when is scheduled the installation of the two resting figures (with the support of the City of Cordoba Council and Alhambra Beer Foundation). “The aim is to reflect the past, present and future of the Patios of Cordoba”, confessed the sculptor in the Puerta del Rincón.
The present will be the woman with watering cane, the future, a child and the past, an old man. “The goal is to create a Patio of Córdoba“, explained Belmonte , who was the first sculptor from Cordoba exhibiting at the Thyssen Museum and he’s the author of numerous hiperealistic works.

The work , which costed 30,000 euros, has “timeless dress” according to Belmonte , is made of bronze and measures about 1.90 m. The artist began his work in September. Now he’s giving shape in his workshop to the old man and the child of the courtyards of Cordoba.



Original info in Spanish from Cordopolis