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Duende, the flamenco show at the Alhambra

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Duende, the flamenco show at the Alhambra

The flamenco dancers La Moneta and Manuel Liñán are the stars of the show in the 11th Edition of the Lorca and Granada cycle.  

The Gardens of the Generalife in the Alhambra will be filled with duende (magical charm) this summer. The Lorca and Granada cycle, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sport in collaboration with the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife, will be presenting the show Duende starring the flamenco dancers Fuensanta La Moneta and Manuel Liñán. The show is a tribute to Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla and Enrique Morente – “The best of Granada flamenco brought together by flamenco”

This new show will run from 23rd July to 31st August, from Tuesday to Saturday. Tickets are now on sale on the Ticketmaster network (more information at Junta de Andalucía

The flamenco dancers Fuensanta La Moneta and Manuel Liñán head a cast of over 30 people with Lola Greco and Javier Latorre as guest artists. The show is inspired by the values and standards set down by the poet Federico García Lorca in his famous lecture on the Architecture of Flamenco Singing (Cante Jondo) and the Development of Flamenco in the 20th Century. Duende, directed by the Max-Prize winner, Emilio Goyanes, also draws on the music of Manuel de Falla and Enrique Morente and the sets are inspired by the artwork of the founder of the El Paso group, Manuel Rivera. “We have brought Lorca, Falla and Morente together through flamenco”.

The Lorca and Granada cycle in the Gardens of the Generalife was awarded the Granada Prestige Prize in the Best Tourist Show category.

The Duende Show will be running until August 31st, from Tuesday to Saturday, and the price is 30 € per ticket, 20 € per concessions.

DUENDE  is the title of the show because DUENDE makes up the heart, the creative spark of the main characters in the Programme Lorca y Granada en Los Jardines del Generalife this year.

In Spanish, “Duende” loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity, connected with flamenco singers or dancers. Term mainly used in Spain to describe flamenco singers or dancers who have/transmit that untranslatable quality, a mixture of strength, rapture, rawness, etc.

Pictures are taken from some reviews of the show:

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Sources:  Patronato de la Alhambra y Junta de Andalucía